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It's Tıme to Visit Italy!

Experience Tuscany’s Maremma region through the eyes of Chef Danilo Amato


With Chef Dani’s farmhouse, Villa Belpasso, as the hub for our explorations, we’ll wander through cliff-top villages built on Etruscan ruins, soak in thermal springs, savor Maremma’s finest wild boar, acquacotta and Ciliegiolo wines. Danilo guides you in cooking demonstrations, wine and olive oil tastings and introduces you to local artisans. Activities can include: hiking, yoga and horseback riding. The days have a certain cadence to them; the sunlight is golden and the colors of the landscape are saturated. As your pace slows, you’ll come to understand why Maremma is so magical.



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Chef Danilo Amato

Tuscan-born Chef Danilo Amato grew up in the kitchen of his family’s restaurant, La Fontanina Di San Pietro in the Maremma Region of Italy and later continued his studies at the haute cuisine school of the Hotel Crillon in Paris. An early member of the Slow Food Association, former cellar master at The Herbfarm and founder of The PicNic Table Cafe in Woodinville, Washington, Chef Dani has been dedicated to promoting Tuscan regional cuisine around the world. His menus feature the freshest ingredients, regional specialties and local wines. When you join us in Italy, you’ll experience Tuscany through Chef Dani’s eyes and he’ll introduce you to local winemakers, artisanal food producers, farmers and chefs.


Villa Belpasso

Owner of Villa Belpasso, Danilo purchased the property 25 years ago. He replanted the olive orchard with trees that met the local DOP requirements and undertook extensive renovations to the historical building creating a quintessential Tuscan hill-top setting. Visit to learn more!

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